Whistleblower Channel


ELS has implemented a Communication System called Ethical Channel so that, in a simple and close manner, and in an environment of confidentiality, incidents and irregularities related to unlawful conduct, breaches of regulations or practices contrary to the principles set out in our Code of Ethics can be reported. This channel is governed by the following principles:

  • Good faith when communicating.
  • Commitment not to retaliate.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Security of information.

This Ethical channel allows you to report an infringement in accordance with the provisions of European Directive 2019/1937 of 23 October 2019. It is possible to make an anonymous report, in which case you will receive a unique code and a URL after filling out the form below. Please keep this information carefully, as you will need it to be able to check on the status of your anonymous report.

Whistleblowers who file false reports or reports whose sole purpose is to undermine the reputation of the company or any of its professionals shall be subject to the corresponding disciplinary procedures and sanctions in accordance with the labor legislation in force at any given time and the applicable collective bargaining agreement.