Company Profile


Engineered Land Systems (ELS) is a world leader in design and manufacture of bodies and systems for military and Homeland Security purpose. Our systems and bodies are highly tested on the most challenging terrains. All design, production and quality assurance is managed by our specialized teams in our plant in Tomelloso (Spain).



Concept - Express yourself

Explain us your idea and we will work with our experts to provide you different solutions. We can turn the concept you have on mind into a design.

Prototype + Testing

Once the design is finished and approved by the client, our team starts the prototyping phase. That team, which has an exclusive area in our modern facilities, will transform ideas into something material.

During prototyping phase, an exhaustive monitoring process about, results and project status is will be provided to the client daily.

Once the prototype is completed, it is strictly tested by analysis as the following ones: fatigue, torsion, electromagnetic compatibility, coating and corrosion … Besides a full drive test in our Test Area, until the "Final Approval” from our Quality Department.

Design - From your mind to the paper

Our engineering department designed the concept and ideas displayed in the previous step. The entire project is designed in 3D before manufacturing, in order to make all the requested changes for the final approval.


Once the prototype is approved and fully tested, serial production is launched. With our QIP (Quality Integrity Process), each stage of the production process is exhaustively examined by our Quality Department.

ILS - Integrated Logistic Support

Once the product leaves from our facilities, the traceability is carefully controlled during the operational product life cycle. Everything is designed, engineered and manufactured to extend the durability and for an easy and  cost-effective maintenance.

Innovation - flexibility - worldwide


Built to perform

ELS works daily with passion, in order to offer our customers the highest quality products. Well-functioning products. Built to perform. And we answer for them. Where all efforts are focused on customer and the end user satisfaction.


Choose HOW, WHEN and WHERE. We adapt to your needs from now on, in contrast to mega corporations which cannot do it.


Yes, we can. Express everything you have on your mind. Tell us what you need and if it has not been created yet, we will make it real. Ask us. Test us. Challenge Us.


Think Global, Act Local. NO DISTANCES – NO LIMITS We are International. We have born, grown and learned from it. We are closer than you can imagine.